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NewsMuze enables people to create and share free, stunning newsletters, brochures, presentations and social media campaigns in 3 minutes or less. We apply the principles of design and marketing in a powerful technical platform, and by offering it to you, we hope we can empower you to share your story, one tile at a time.

Bill Davis
One of Bill's great loves is figuring out how to make things work. Bill leads all technical aspects of NewsMuze. When Bill is not working on NewsMuze he works as a software engineering consultant. Previously, Bill was a Senior Consulting Member of the Technical Staff of Lucent Technologies and Director of Engineering at Ascend Communications. Bill has co-founded three startups in the past including Subspace Communications, an ISDN networking company, acquired by Ascend Communications.

Joyce Smaragdis
Joyce spent most of her career in marketing leadership positions at Silicon Valley high-tech companies. Most recently, she was director of strategic initiatives and outreach at UVA's Darden School of Business. Previously she was director of corporate communications for Tessera Technologies. Over the course of her career, she led the marketing and communications strategy for multiple acquisitions, dozens of global product launches, and helped lead Tessera’s communications program during its highly successful IPO.
Leigh Wilkerson
Leigh's extensive architectural and urban design background lends itself to a graphic style that communicates effectively with simplicity and restraint. She has an amazing visual mind and could be working anywhere in the world, but lucky enough for NewsMuze she and Joyce met at UVA's Darden School of Business. Leigh runs a multifaceted design firm which thrives on the diversity of ideas and people and explores everything visual.
Mary Smaragdis
If you're using NewsMuze in Taipei, Tinsletown or Timbuktu, that’s because Mary found a way to connect with you. Mary was senior director of Corporate Storytelling and Brand Marketing at Yahoo!, where she helped shape Yahoo’s brand identity and customer-facing story. Prior to that she was at Sun Microsystems, where she held a broad range of marketing positions, including helping to introduce the Java® platform to the world.
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