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Create and share free, stunning email newsletters, brochures, presentations and social media stories in three minutes or less. Drag and drop your existing YouTube videos, images, pdfs, and websites into a design-inspired platform. Easily share your content using email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram and LinkedIn.
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Create free, stunning newsletters, brochures, presentations and social media campaigns in 3 minutes or less.
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Drag and Drop.
The easy-to-use NewsMuze interface allows you to add content from your computer as well as other websites. Just drag and drop. Yes, it's really that easy!
Share your story.
Telling your story has never been this simple and fast. Add your content, then instantly share your story using email or social media sites, including Google+, Facebook, Twitter and many more.
Customize your content.
No matter where you pull your content from, easily personalize it for your friends or audience. Quickly add a title, summary and hot link for each tile.